7 things that only happen in Malta


Malta is a very special place – a lot works differently, and the longer you live here, the more weirdness you discover. But hey: perfection is boring and those little perks are what make Malta loveable.

1. Meeting half your colleagues at the bank every month

Loads of people receive their salaries in form of a cheque, and cheques need to be cashed in before noon. Also, Malta being the size it is means most people live really close to their work so you literally can’t go to the bank without meeting at least 2 colleagues. So even though you can’t go out looking like a total slob, at least the half hour wait isn’t THAT boring.

2. A new speed camera is news

And not local news, no: I’m talking about the Times of Malta, which is the national newspaper. But there’s no real difference between local and national anyway, so I guess it’s legit.

3. People driving on the sidewalk with 2 wheels

Streets can be VERY narrow in Malta and the parked cars mean there’s only half of them left to drive – or less. So driving on the sidewalk isn’t an unusual sight around here. Is it legal? I doubt it. But does anyone care? I doubt that as well.

4. Waves crashing onto seaside restaurants

Every now and then there’s a big storm, resulting in HUGE waves. But apparently a bit of sea water doesn’t bother the owners of the seaside restaurants that get soaked. Might spare them some cleaning, right?

5. Something the size of Valetta being called a city


Valetta in all its beauty

Il-Belt, as it’s often called, means “The City”, and even Wikipedia claims it is one. And as we all know, Wikipedia is always right, so apparently 6675 people make a city. Yeah, I got that number from Wikipedia too.

6. People casually driving with a flat tyre

Yes, we’re talking about driving again because seriously, how can you drive with a flat tyre? And I didn’t just see it once, they do it all the time around here. 

7. Qwara being pronounced as “Aura”

As everyone on this island is happy to tell you, Maltese is the only Arabic language written in Latin script. But does that mean everything has to be pronounced in a what-the-heck kind of way? See also: Ta’Xbiex. (“Tushbeesh”)

Is it just me who thinks this country is completely nuts? (In a good way!)

Does any of this stuff happen in your country, too? Or are there other weird things that only happen where you live? Let me know in the comments section!


One thought on “7 things that only happen in Malta

  1. Malta sounds disturbingly close to Turkiye (it must be all that sunshine). I hate that you spend your lunch hour queuing outside of the bank hoping to be the first in line when it re-opens at 1pm. Or how about going to lodge a document with the Govt only to have to pay a fee at another Govt office 30 minutes away! Why? Just … why?


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