Just beat it

Brutal, primitive and for thugs – that’s what comes to mind first for many people (aka me) when talking about boxing. But the truth is: it’s a great sport for everyone, and it’s REALLY fun.


Apparently it's impossible to get "Kerstin" right

After years of trying (and hating) various types of sports except tennis, I didn’t have much hope of ever finding a second one I’d like. But since tennis is very limited here, I started missing my usual dose of exercise. So when my friend told me to come along to Lord’s gym in St. Julian’s, I once again decided to just do it.

And I love it! For 60€ a month (expensive, but totally worth it), they offer different boxing classes every day, but you can also just lift some weights on your own (ugh, no!) or join the yoga class (if you like to feel the women’s energy, that is). Personally, I’ll stay with boxing.


Stairway to hell 😉

Technically, it’s called boxing fitness, meaning you don’t try to break each other’s noses, but you do different workouts consisting of boxing against the bag and “regular” fitness exercises. In case you’re wondering why regular is in apostrophes, this training is far from regular: it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done – 2 hours Intensivtraining at 35℃ at Blau Weiß is nothing against that. (Yes, I’m talking about tennis again.)

The instructors are merciless: no bonus for being a girl, being new or looking like you’re about to die any minute – but then, even the guys look like that during the workout. (Like they’re about to die, DEFINITELY not like girls)

So if you want to get fit, Lord’s gym is the place to go. Make sure you don’t do anything that might make you laugh afterwards, though: those abs will need a break, and yes, laughing CAN hurt.

What’s your favourite sport?


2 thoughts on “Just beat it

  1. I took up boxing over here in Malta despite being, well, not in the first flush of youth. Love it. It’s a great workout and has gotten me fitter than just about anything else I’ve tried in recent years. I’m signed up with the Wiseguys gym here in St Pauls, and am often to be found hitting bags or getting punched in the face at early hours in the mornings. Great way to start the day!


  2. Ein großartiger, ansprechend geschriebener, interessanter Artikel. Man verspürt gleich selbst das Gefühl, die Boxgymnastik ausüben zu wollen! Du bringst deine Begeisterung gut zu Papier. Meinen bevorzugten Sport, das Laufen, kennst du ja. Da hat sich nichts daran geändert.


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