Lucky Luke goes Malta

In Portomaso, where the rich and famous live and play (or would if they ever came to Malta), there are some of the island’s best restaurants – all together called Marina restaurants. The best of the 3 I’ve eaten at so far: Buffalo Bill’s Steakhouse.


Surprise, surprise: they mainly offer steaks. From t-bone to rib eye, they have a range of different body parts and sizes of said parts to chose from, along with some other meat like chicken breast and even kangaroo filet – for those who’re far to exotic for regular steak. 

Although, regular is definitely not the right adjective to describe the exquisite piece of meat I got after ordering 350g of “striploin”: it was perfect, and so was my mum’s “angus”. Juicy but not half raw, tender inside but with a crispy crust and well-flavoured – I wish I could cook like that, but all I can do is Schnitzel.

In case you’re wondering how anyone could be full after just a piece of meat: the steak wasn’t all we got. Every steak comes with a whole meal consisting of soup, garlic bread and bruscetta, salad from the salad buffet (tune up those architect skills to make sure your pile doesn’t crash 😉 ), garlic bread and bruscetta AGAIN, and potatoes – mashed, fried, “Maltese” baked (whatever that means) or jacketed. So you get plenty – just enough for me, too much for my mum, but then I’m a very good eater (at least for a girl) – and all of it perfectly cooked.

Perfection comes at a price however, in this case about 25-30€ depending on which kind of meat you go for. It’s not exactly a bargain, but for a whole meal, and an exquisite one at that, you can’t expect to pay a McDonald’s price. So if you’re ever in need of real meat, Buffalo Bill’s Steakhouse is my recommendation.

(Sorry for the really bad pictures, but it was dark – authentic wild west atmosphere and all, you know…)


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