Streets of Malta: Valetta

Valetta, the beautiful capital of Malta, is where the island’s historical buildings are at their best. Narrow streets lead from one sight to another while cars struggle to navigate through the alleys without scraping against the corner buildings when they turn. Valetta is one of those places that take you back in time.


Malta used to be ruled by knights who defended the island from intruders, so forts and towers are scattered all along the coastline. Nowadays there’s not much to defend luckily, but the huge buildings still convey a sense of strength and safety, as if no cannon could ever break them down. Like silent guardians they stand firm no matter how stormy the sea, how huge the waves that crash against them, bastions of calm in the hectic modern world.


At the edge of the sea, buildings are exposed to the roughest conditions. The constant wind blows the Sahara dust around, grinding every surface like sandpaper, while salty drops of water burn into them like acid. Add the summer sun and no paint stands a chance against the combined power of nature.


Like the white tree of gondor this tree grows in the middle of a city of stone. It’s impressive how such a big tree can flourish in such a hostile environment, defying the lack of rain and earth, the rough climate and the pollution.


The many different sizes, colours and shapes of these doorways represent the different faces of Malta perfectly. Crammed up in little space, there’s a massive diversity that nobody would expect – in people, in architecture and in culture.

What’s your favourite part of Malta?


2 thoughts on “Streets of Malta: Valetta

  1. Where do I start?

    Every single detail of Malta represents a point in time in the past, whether is be from a world war, a peaceful time or ancient times.

    I love the balconies, the matching coloured doors that go with them, the rustic door knobs and then looking at them trying to depict what era they are from.

    I love the castles, towers and bastions surrounding the islands.. Each village having its own unique story.

    All of it is my favourite, and wish the islands weren’t so under the radar so the rest of the world that is oblivious to the islands, could appreciate and embrace them just as much as you and I!


  2. Mein Lieblingsort auf Malta ist Marsascala mit seinem kleinen, in einer Bucht gelegenen, Fischerhafen, seiner wunderschönen, langen Promenade entlang dem offenen Meer, seiner guten Verkehrsanbindung und einem winzigen Eissalon mit hervorragendem Eis und Kaffee.
    Dein Bericht über Valetta spricht mich sehr an und auch deine Fotoauswahl begeistert mich.


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