Malta breakfast guide

The best thing on a cold morning – or on any morning: a big breakfast.  Even though breakfast is supposedly the most important meal for our body, we often neglect it in favour of a few more minutes in our warm beds. But every now and then everyone deserves a real breakfast. So if you’re wondering where to get one, here are some options:

Cafe Jubilee ****°


Cafe Jubilee is a classic for a good old English breakfast. Bacon, eggs,  sausages, beans and even mushrooms – they have it all. It comes for a price, though: 6,75€ for the breakfast, plus 2,25€ for a cafe latte mean it’s definitely not one of the cheaper options. But the lovely interior with its cosy corners and walls full of old pictures make up for that, and the breakfast surely was delicious. Cafe Jubilee is a place to spend cold days hidden away in a corner booth with your laptop (they have free WiFi) and a hot drink.

Bella Sizilia ****°


This bakery on the strand is a place where the Maltese go for breakfast. It’s definitely NOT cosy inside, with just three bar stools and a narrow board serving as a table. Outside there are normal tables and it’s probably nice to sit in the sun (which all the Maltese do), but when I went there with my mum, outside wasn’t an option. Their pastries are absolutely delicious, though, and the CAKES! Yum! The staff is lovely as well, which is amazing considering they have to be there from 6 in the morning. That only leaves the price point. To be honest I can’t remember it now, but it was cheap, so check it out yourself!

BookBites Cafe **°°°


I’d been longing to try this cafe out for ages because of the name – they sell books and other random stuff in an attached store. When we (meaning my mum and I) went there, they left the door open and wouldn’t close it when we asked them although it was FREEZING outside! Anyway, it was new years day, everything else was closed and we were starving, so we ordered a sandwich, a croissant and waffles with Nutella and crushed biscuits. Guess which one I had! Right, the waffles were amazing, but you can put Nutella on anything and you’ll love it. The sandwich was nice, as was the croissant and the price, but it wasn’t anything special. And I have to deduct one point for the open door because seriously, everyone was freezing and my mum even left her jacket on.

Cafe Sorisi *****


Back to the good ones: like in my coffee guide, Cafe Sorisi is my favourite. Not exactly as cosy as Cafe Jubilee, but warm and stylish, they have English and continental breakfast as well as different sweet and savoury breakfasty stuff – and everything I’ve tried so far was perfect. The English breakfast was the best I’ve ever had, and the continental breakfast features cereal that’s heavenly. 5€ for the English, 7,50€ for the continental – it’s not too expensive either. And have I mentioned they have ice coffee with ice cream?

The Ordnance Pub ***°°


This is another lovingly decorated, cosy place, but in Valetta, not Gzira. Their English breakfast for 5€ is good – not special, but good. The cafe latte was a bit hot, and while it cools down after a few minutes, for 2€ they could’ve managed to serve it the right temperature. What I liked best about the Ordnance Pub was the cat that marched into the room at one point as if it was the owner.

English, Italian, … – what’s your favourite type of breakfast?


4 thoughts on “Malta breakfast guide

  1. I looove Cafe Jubilee! I also really like Cafe Cuba for breakfast- in general, I think they’re over priced and the food is actually pretty shitty, but their breakfast bagel is on point!


  2. Das continental breakfast im Sorisi, Sliema ist meine absolute Nummer 1 mit dem frischen Orangensaft, dem Naturjoghurt, dem riesigen Croissant mit extra Erdbeer- oder Orangenmarmelade und dem tollen Müsli mit Milch, sowie dem Superkaffee.


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