And so this is Christmas

Christmas came and went faster this year than it has ever before. I feel like I only arrived in Malta a few weeks ago, yet it’s been almost 4 months and it’s Christmas day already.


Since it was my first Christmas spent away from my family, I didn’t plan to celebrate until the very day, 24th December. But the best things often happen spontaneously, so I decided to come along to a nice restaurant with some friends after work. And by nice I don’t mean the “he’s – ummm… – nice” kind but the truly nice, close to amazing one.


In St. Julians, close to the Hilton, a few steps lead down to the water of a separate little bay. On both sides a few posh restaurants display their menus one after another. Once we’d overcome the challenge of the day, choosing one of them, we sat down at a table on the terrace of Hush. Yes, that’s right: we sat OUTSIDE. And yes, it was a bit cold, but the VIEW!


The location isn’t the only fancy thing about Hush – the food was delicious, too. We all chose different pasta dishes, all of which were perfect, as was the desert. Give me food like that and I’m in heaven, seriously!


Going fancy all the way, we also ordered a bottle of wine which I guess was great as well. Not that I could tell the difference between a 5€ wine from the supermarket and a gourmet one for heaven knows how much – but if the food’s good, the wine must be as well, right?

So what I’d thought would be a normal evening spent at home reading turned out to be a great night that left us feeling full to the point of bursting and really happy. And that’s what Christmas is about – being happy.

How did you spend Christmas eve?


Let me know what you think!

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