Exploring Paceville

Paceville – the alcoholic epicentre of Malta: if you’re into dancing, drinking and flirting, Paceville’s the place for you to go. And even if you’re not, check it out anyway at least once! (Even if it’s just to confirm you really don’t like it.)

But before you go, make sure you’re really comfortable walking in whatever shoes you’re wearing, no matter what shape you’re in. Why? To get to all the partying, you have to struggle over a bumpy road, a cobbled square and, worst of all, loads of steps that are waiting for you to trip. And I’m not even assuming you’re drunk, these steps looked kind of deadly to me in broad daylight. (Okay, I’m being a little dramatic with the deadly here.)


Paceville at night

Once you’ve overcome these obstacles though, you can choose between loads of bars, night clubs and brothels which are all lined up within 2 minutes of walking (or 5 if your shoes hurt like hell and your going back UP the steps). There’s also a Burger King and a Subway for the “after party”. 

When I arrived in Malta, I didn’t feel like partying AT ALL, and I also didn’t know anyone who might have dragged me along.  So it was about 2 months before I cautiously dipped my toe (not litteraly, I did wear shoes – and they didn’t even hurt) into Malta’s night evening life when I went to Hugo’s with new friends for some delicious after work cocktails. 


Happy hour

But drinks at Hugo’s on a Wednesday isn’t the whole, real Paceville experience, so after the Christmas party last week I decided to come along to a club called Native, where we all danced to presumably Spanish music until I got bored of dancing and decided to go home, while some of my friends stayed till 5 am.


Cocktails with friends

I’ve talked before about how cheap a night out is in Malta with happy hour and free entry, but what’s even better is the taxi fare, which in my case was just 3€. In Vienna that’d get me nothing but a sarcastic stare from the driver, here it got me home.


Close-up of my two top models

So for all the party people out there, Paceville is definitely a place to go. And for all the others there remains Sliema with its fancy restaurants and sophisticated wine bars, or a warm bed, a book and cuddly cats.


Shout out to all the crazy cat ladies out there!

How do you like to spend your Friday nights?


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