5 things I love about Malta


You gotta love that sunset!

Why are you here? is a question I keep being asked over and over again. There’s hundreds of reasons why someone would move to another country, be it love (the obvious one) or the call of adventure, which many refer to as interest in other cultures. Here’s some of my personal reasons, 5 things I love about Malta (and no, it’s not a guy):

1. Confectionaries, butchers and ironmongleries
These are only some examples of Malta’s tiny shops where the owners sell anything they want, which often results in a strange collection of clocks, shampoo and t-shirts. Every single shop is different, as are the owners. Some are grumpy, some shy, but all of them will help you, even if they don’t stock what you’re looking for. 

2. British accents
Of all the accents the English language has to offer, the British is my absolutely favourite one. And with all the British expats trying to prove that yes, they CAN get a tan if the weather is right, I get a fare share of their lovely language. Though I really like the Irish accent, too, there’s nothing better bettah than hearing someone speak like they’re in Sherlock. 

3. Even when it’s winter, it’s summer


Palm trees = summer, right?

After almost 4 months in Malta, I finally figured out the big difference to the Austrian winter: a few rays of sun is all that’s needed to awaken the summer feeling here, as the sun is amazingly powerful even in December. Spend a few minutes outside in the sun and you’re sure to be sweating in your light sweater. In Austria there are nice days in winter, too, but even at lunchtime the sun doesn’t have the same power as it has in Malta.

4. Surfer bosses
There’s one side effect of this constant summer: everyone has a bit of a surfer boy’s attitude even at work. Maybe that’s not true for all the companies, but it definitely is the case for mine, making you feel instantly at home there. And this does not mean we don’t get any work done, the atmosphere is simply relaxed and amicable.

5. Shopping


It's all sparkly now that it's Christmas time

Hey, I’m a girl and I like shopping. After all, shopping is the only excuse for us women to leave the kitchen, right? 😉
Even though Malta is much smaller than Austria, I feel like all the good shops are here. Miss Selfridge, Oysho, Zara Home, just to name a few that Vienna doesn’t have. It’s probably really subjective, but I just love these (mainly) Spanish stores!

Let me know what you like most about your country!


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