Places, pictures, beauty #4 – sky edition

The sky in Malta is an attraction on its own, especially in autumn and winter when it shows so many facets. That’s why this Places, pictures, beauty is all about clouds, sunsets and blue skies.


Beautiful all the way from Sliema to Gzira

The seaside walk from Gzira to Sliema always offers a stunning view, and a different one every time. The picturesque bay with its tiny little boats in front of Manoel Yacht Island are an amazing sight. Add the occasional fisherman patiently waiting for a big catch under a dramatic sky and you’ve got the perfect motive for a postcard.


A thunderstorm is about to hit

I was (supposedly) hurrying to work, trying to get there before it’d start raining, but I still stopped to take this picture. Right before the thunderstorm hit, the air was already heavy and the dark sky created a special, gloomy atmosphere that I tried to catch in the photo.


Just a normal evening in Sliema

In Sliema, the last rays of sun where peaking through the gap between the houses, painting everything in a golden light before the glowing ball disappeared behind the horizon.


Pastel coloured sky at Tigne Point

On the other side of Tigne point the moon had already risen from the candy coloured horizon, hiding and disappearing again as the wind blew the pastel clouds across the sky.


Another day, another one of Sliema's amazing sunsets

Sunsets are always beautiful, but the combination of clouds and light often makes them spectacular. The fading sun shone through the cloud that was trying to cover it, painting it in a bright orange-red and creating a mystical atmosphere.


View of Sliema from Manoel Yacht Island

On days like this, when the sun shines brightly on the rows of buildings that are Sliema, the modern town shows off its best side. Only a few clouds occasionally covered the sun that day so Sliema lay perfectly at the bayside, overlooking all the boats and buoys that were floating in the water.

Which sky do you like best?


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