Malta coffee guide

A morning without coffee isn’t a real morning – unless you have hot chocolate or tea with milk instead. Or chai latte. Or basically any hot drink.

I’m a huge lover of coffee, but definitely not an expert. Yes, I like Starbucks, I think iced coffee is the best (in summer) and I haven’t had what’s considered a “proper” coffee/espresso/whatever in my life. Real baristas have probably classified me as just-another-hopeless-pumpkin-spiced-latte-hipster-wannabe even though I haven’t tried that one, either, BUT I decided that drinking cappuccinos and lattes is enough to qualify me for writing an expert guide on coffee in Malta.



The name suggests it already: my latte (or cappuccino, but they’re the same anyway, right?) tasted fresh and good, and cost €1,90 €1,75 if I remember it right. It was quite mild, which I think was great, and didn’t have that bitter (burned?) taste you sometimes get. I had an apple muffin with it, which was a bit dry in my opinion, especially the crust at the top, but apart from that it tasted just like you’d expect it to. A tiny minus point for not offering chocolate muffins, meaning it gets

Vending machine in my office


In my office, you can get one of these typical brown plastic cups at €0,10, which is the only positive thing to say about that “coffee”. I hate sugar in my coffee, but even if you select no sugar it still tastes a bit sweet. Apart from that, it probably tastes like every vending machine coffee tastes: not good. The solution: I drink hot chocolate, which actually tastes good despite coming from that machine, and to be honest, it does a lot more for me when I’m tired than coffee.


If this guide was about food, Cinnabon would get 6 points out of 5. The coffee, however, isn’t all that good unfortunately. At €1,90 for the large latte you get a medium sized, really hot cup. The taste varies from day to day, but it can be bitter. When you’re eating a Cinnabon it doesn’t matter because that covers up every other taste except cinnamon, but I have to say it anyway. Also, the coffee takes a bit long compared to Starbucks, Costa & Co. I totally recommend Cinnabon to everyone, but not because of their coffee, so in this context they only get



Charon isn’t part of the deal

For €1, you get a medium sized cup of cappuccino as well as a cookie. Need I say any more? Okay, so the coffee isn’t the best, but the double chocolate (DOUBLE chocolate!!!) cookie makes up for that, and the price is an argument on its own. Apparently this was a special offer which has ended a month ago, but if you ask nicely for it you’ll get it anyway. Also, if the guys get in trouble with their boss for giving it to you, they’ll blame it on the new guy (I was told).

Dr. Juice


I know, this is not coffee, but it’s so good! And it comes in a plastic cup, so it’s almost coffee. For €4,95, which is insanely expensive in my opinion, you get 600ml of pure fruit juice that’s freshly pressed/blended before your eyes. So if you love fruit and have enough left in your purse, go there and grab your dose of vitamins for the day. Only because of the price I give it

Cafe Sorrisi


This cafe is absolutely perfect. At €1,90 you get the best latte macchiato you’ve ever had, served in a beautiful glass with a little biscuit at the side. They also have a selection of cakes, muffins and other sweet pleasures as well as amazing breakfast and what my mum calls real food. Count in fast, free Wi-Fi, nice staff and Italian music in the background, and you can’t possibly give Cafe Sorrisi anything else than

What’s your favourite coffee place?


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