Of constant progression

These days it feels like all I ever do is write. I write blog posts, I write emails, I write whatsapp messages (loooads). And since last week, I’ve been writing all day on my job, too.


What happened

About two weeks ago, I was asked whether I’d like to switch to the email support part of my team. I’d been perfectly happy with my previous job, but I thought I’d just give it a try, even though I had absolutely no opinion about this kind of work. It’s never wrong to try something new, right?

And indeed it wasn’t wrong at all, I’m really glad about my decision. (Can you call something you didn’t think about a decision?)

What’s changed

My new job is more intellectually challenging, but at the same time easier for me. If that doesn’t make sense to you (probably doesn’t): I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and what I previously did mainly required speed, not diligence. While I managed apparently – at least I got my bonus although I have no idea how or why – it simply didn’t agree with my nature.

In email support on the contrary, quality is more important than quantity so I feel a lot more confident about what I do already. And again I creep people out because I genuinely enjoy my job.

What stays

Looking back over the last two months, I still think that I learned a lot from my previous job. I believe that you can take some benefit, some experience, some lesson out of everything you do as long as you give yourself the chance to learn and don’t view it as a duty to fulfil. Even if it’s just – like in my case – that things don’t always have to be perfect and flawless to be good.

What’s ahead

And now, in my new job, I get to practice my writing skills in German, too, and don’t have to worry anymore about whether my right index finger will soon look bigger than the left one from all the scrolling (which made up a big part of my previous work). Plus, people finally know what I’m talking about when I tell them my job.


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