Happy 1st December!


22℃, flowers blossom and I’m out in a t-shirt: it’s almost Christmas!


Everywhere you look there's Christmas

Over the past weeks, more and more signs that the festive season is about to start have popped up everywhere you go. And no, I’m not talking about the Coca-Cola Christmas ad.


My favourite shop window

Streets, buildings and shop windows are ornamented, in some cases subtly, in others… not so subtly, but all create a wonderful Christmas buzz that never fails to light up my heart (jeez, that sounds kitschy).


Plaza, you rock!

To my delight Plaza Shopping Centre and Tigne Point, which have become something like my second home – not because of the shopping, but they have great WiFi! – are now open on Sundays, too, meaning I can hang around there 7 days a week. Seriously, the employees must think I’m unemployed and homeless!


Christmas really suits Malta

So while I certainly miss the Christkindlmärkte in Vienna, Christmas time in Malta has it’s very own charm. And when I’m sitting outside in summer clothes, the sun on my face and the endless ocean right in front of me IN DECEMBER, I can’t believe that this country is even real!


The obligatory crib scene

Do you love Christmas as much as I do? Let me know what it’s like for you!


Sparkly reflections

Side note to benglian: see? Nothing to complain about this time, is there? 😉


You can't miss Christmas at Tigne Point


One thought on “Happy 1st December!

  1. Stimmige Weihnachtsfotos hast du in diesem Artikel gebracht und als Kontrast der schöne, blühende Oleander. Sehr nett!
    Weihnachten ist mir wichtig. Ich mag diese Zeit, wenn es kalt ist, man sich in seiner warmen Wohnung “ein-igelt”, die Kerzen am Adventkranz anzündet, die Grippe aufstellt, sich eine heiße Schokolade und Weihnachtsbäckerei vergönnt. Die seltenen Momente der Stille und Besinnung in sich bewußt aufnimmt, genießt und ich liebe mein Wien mit seinem überbordendem Lichtermeer an Weihnachtsbeleuchtung, den zahllosen Weihnachtsmärkten und seinem Trubel.

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