How to get a Maltese ID card – hopefully

Dealing with authorities sucks. No matter where, no matter what: it sucks. It’s annoying, it’s full of bureaucracy and it seems like a total waste of time.

Simply abolishing all authorities and letting everyone do as they please isn’t an option though – even I can see that. (Unless we lived in an ideal world, where moral was the only source of regulation we needed, but that’s another story and this blog is certainly not the place for it.)

Some advanced maths in here

Back on topic, if you’re in Malta for more than 90 days, you have to apply for residency within this period. Theoretically it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t as the government has neither a reason nor a way to check that, but if you work here as a foreigner and stay for less than 187 days in a 365 day period, you have to pay a huge chunk of tax on your earnings. (I’d make a Nazi joke now but I’ve been told it’s not appropriate.)

Since registering with the residency authority (I have no idea what it’s really called) is a great way of proving you’re actually here in Malta, I finally went there on day 89 of my stay. For those of you who paid attention to the numbers: don’t judge me, I was PERFECTLY on time!

So complicated

So I gathered all the documents I’d received from my company, hoping I had everything that was required, and hopped onto a bus to Valetta, where this mysterious authority is. After waiting in line for a few minutes, I handed a guy my passport and other documents, and that was it!

Well, not exactly. I had to find a copy shop (no, not a COFFEE shop unfortunately) and get a copy of my work contract first, but when I came back, that was really it. No confirmation document saying I had submitted the documents, only a reassuring “Now just wait, it’ll be sent to you”.

Simply believe!

While you can never be sure if they’ll handle the application correctly, it quickens and simplifies the whole process immensely, so if you ask me, the Maltese authorities aren’t so bad. At least not the one for residency.

And once again I’m back to my firm belief in my philosophy of “wird schon irgendwie gehen. It’s come true every single time, so there must be something to it, right?


3 thoughts on “How to get a Maltese ID card – hopefully

  1. You are so lucky that was it for you. They have improved immensely, especially after moving to the Evans building!!!! They lost my first set of papers 😦 . Managed to find a sympathetic ear after 3 visits, got it mine day before traveling..


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