Streets of Malta: Gzira

Once you turn away from Malta’s tourism hot spots towards where the locals live, you really notice that it’s one of Europe’s poorest countries judged by the average income. Most buildings are quite old and shabby, and the narrow streets, dirty cars and sunbleached balconies do the rest. One of these areas is Gzira.


When I first saw this building, I thought it was a school or an office building, with its glass front allowing everyone to look inside. But judging from what I can see through the windows, people live inside this giant aquarium. No Big Brother show needed here…


Where magic wardrobes lead to Narnia

This little house, hidden behind an unexpected mass of greenery, had a special aura. It reminded me of an enchanted home in a children’s fairy tale where all kinds of miraculous events take place.


Malta's transformation is in progress

One of Malta’s many building sites where modern blocks are constructed to compliment the typical Maltese town houses – new buildings pop up in no time, slowly transforming the island.


If I was in a French love story I'd meet my soul mate in this passage

This is another one of those passages I love so much. Places like that add the special character I keep talking about to otherwise simply rundown areas. To me, this is a special kind of beauty, but a very powerful one as it has a story to tell.


Nature is stronger than anything manmade

No matter how hard we humans try, nature always wins in the end and takes back the space it lost, like for example in that picture. It’s an abandoned villa’s fence where branches fight their way through the metal, expanding further and further, aiming to destroy the barrier that once kept them trimmed and restricted to suit our expectations.

Tell me what you think of my current home town, Gzira!


3 thoughts on “Streets of Malta: Gzira

  1. Oh come on!
    Gzira’s better than that!
    I live in Gzira, and I have a 50m outdoor pool within 5 minutes walk, and work is a 20 minute wander along the promenade.
    Post nicer photos!


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