Malta vs. Austria part 2


In Malta vs. Austria part 1 I’ve already looked at some aspects of life in these countries. To remind you, the current score is 4:3 Austria. But there’s more to be compared, so let’s see which country will take the lead this time!


Malta: Finding a job is fairly easy if you either speak a language that’s wanted in igaming or have a special qualification that’s hard to find in Maltese people. In these areas, you can also expect to earn more than the national average, so foreigners, especially from Northern European countries will find themselves quite well off. Just stay away from the catering industry!
The working climate is casual and relaxed, but employees don’t have a lot of rights, at least not compared to Austria.

Austria: Employers look for candidates with an excellent degree combined with a few years of work experience in that field. Unless you have that, finding a job can be quite tough. Jobs that don’t require a degree pay very badly in general, and even the ones that do won’t make you rich as taxes are insane. In addition, the working climate is strict and competitive. The only upside of working in Austria that employees have many rights including receiving salary 14 times a year.

Winner: Definitely Malta, unless you’re planning to get a job and then be pregnant or on sick leave for the rest of your working life.

Bars & Restaurants

Malta: One two words: happy hour! In most establishments, it’s basically all day long until 7 in the evening, and you get 2 drinks for one. Apart from that, Malta has everything you need, from fast food to cafés to “real” restaurants, and at excellent prices, too.

Chocolate is basically a fruit, right? ;)

Chocolate is basically a fruit, right? 😉

Austria: Yes, Austria has a lot to offer, but food and drinks also cost a lot of money. One plus point for Käsekrainers, though.

Winner: Once again, the point goes to Malta as you simply get so much more for your money.

Leisure options:

Malta: There’s Paceville, shopping or sport, and that’s pretty much it. Okay, to be fair there’s also a bunch of touristy activities you can do that’ll keep you busy, but I just feel like there aren’t a lot of options for spending your free days.

Austria: I can only talk about Vienna, and the capital itself is bigger than all of Malta, and it’s heavily populated with not only people but also shops, sporting facilities bars, restaurants, cinemas, and a lot more. But this is an unfair one as Malta is handicapped because of it’s size.

Winner: Austria, or at least Vienna, but purely because it’s just a much bigger city/country so it’s natural that there are more options.

New result: 5:5
It’s a draw. Well, that means I’ll have to do at least a part 3 to select a winner.

Let me know what you want me to compare the next time!


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