Not a cow farm: Moo’s

Moo's Deli in Sliema

Moo’s Deli in Sliema

Where do you go for fast food that’s not fast-food? If you live in Malta, the answer is clear: Moo’s.

Okay, so you’re supposed to eat home cooked stuff because it’s healthy, cheap and sounds good, but let’s be serious: who really prepares 3 meals every day? If you do, thumbs up! But I certainly don’t (do I get points for trying?), and I also lack the patience and money for eating at proper restaurants all the time, so fast food is a life safer for me.

Since I stopped going to McDonald’s because of a bet, however, I’ve lost the taste for that kind of food, so Burger King isn’t an option either. Then there’s KFC (expensive!), Pizza places (boring!) and Pastizzerias (unhealthy!), which are acceptable from time to time, but not the kind of quality food my grandmother would happily watch me eat.

First bite - yum!

First bite – yum!

Moo’s, on the other hand, is just that (I think). Assuming it was just another Kebab place, I’d always passed without looking inside. That is until I read a post about Orogold mentioning it, which made me curious, so I checked it out myself the other day.

And by check out I mean standing in front of a display, overwhelmed by all the choices I had to make and struggling to understand the concept. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you now so you can walk in there like a pro and order right away. Basically, you can choose between a wrap, sandwich and salad bowl and and fill it with whatever you want from a variety of vegetables, meats, sauces, pasta and couscous. How many of them you can choose varies from 5 to “yes yes, take more!” depending on the guy who serves you, so try to be charming.

That's your reward - totally worth it

That’s your reward – totally worth it

Once you’ve decided, you’ll be rewarded for that massive effort with a delicious, freshly prepared and toasted wrap (or whatever you chose) which you can eat without remorse because you earned it. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

What’s your favourite fast food?


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