How to buy a notebook – Malta edition


Sometimes, living in Malta feels a bit like living in an entirely different universe that’s apparently impossible to reach – or ship to. One of these times is when you want to buy some kind of electronic device (except for fans, which they have loads of, and in almost every shop).

In my case, the electronic device I was looking for was a new notebook. I’ve been typing all my posts on my mobile – which was fine – but editing the site didn’t work at all, so after 2 months of blogging, it was time I got serious about the design, hence the need for a proper notebook.

After lengthy research, I finally decided on one particular laptop, which sounded like it’d suit my purpose – and my more than modest budget. But if you, like me, thought deciding was the hardest part, you’re wrong. As it turns out, neither Amazon nor any other retailers ship to Malta. (According to the website, Amazon does, but not every product – guess which one they don’t ship…) At this point, you might be asking the same question as my dad: then why can’t you just buy it in a shop like every normal person?


Spoiler alert: Charon is feeling at home in my new laptop case

Since I always listen to my parents (I said listen, not actually do what they say), I set out on mission laptop. Destroying the one ring was nothing against this. Okay, that might be exaggerated, but you get what I’m saying – it was hard. So here’s my version, “The Lady of the Laptops”:


They only sell Dell laptops (I was looking for an Acer), but you can always buy one that’s 100€ over your budget, and if you buy it immediately without thinking, asking or researching, you even get a 25€ discount. What a great offer! (Irony off) I might be a woman, but I won’t spend half a month’s salary on a possibly shitty computer just because someone makes it sound like a bargain.


They’re a bit bigger than Intercomp (which is tiny), and the service was much better. Still, they didn’t have the model I wanted, so no luck there either. If you’re looking for something a bit less specific, I think they’d be a good choice, but don’t expect to pay Amazon prices.


The third shop I went to was Klikk, where I was served by a really nice and friendly guy who told me that, despite not selling the product I wanted, I could send them the link to it and they’d try to get it for me at the best possible price, which I did. However, they answered – surprisingly fast – that they couldn’t get it, either. You have to realise when you’re beaten, so I decided to go for another model that I found on their Website.

They do what they call “auctions”, where you can bid on specific items and get them for a better price if you’re lucky, or click on “Buy now” and still get them on a discount. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s basically the Maltese version of Ebay, reduced to a few products. However, you don’t even need to pay online as you can choose to pick them up within 24 hours and pay there, so there’s zero risk and minimal waiting. Can’t say that about Ebay, can you?

So I finally picked up my new laptop yesterday, and I’m already totally in love with it, even though I was a bit startled at first to find it has a UK plug and keyboard. Yes, I know, I could’ve thought about that beforehand, but I had t think about CPUs, battery life spans and RAM capacities, so there was no room for such trivia. Now that I DO think about it, both plug and keyboard come in handy in Malta. And I think I’ll be able to tolerate the key saying “Del”instead of “Entf”, so once again I made a good choice by accident.

What the hell is this?

What the hell is this?

In conclusion (and now I sound like I’m writing an essay for an English test), buying electronics here in Malta sucks, so don’t do it if you don’t have to. If there’s no other option, though, don’t worry: it’s possible. Just stick to my mantra “wird schon irgendwie gehen”, or the translated version “it’s gonna work out somehow”. After all, Malta is part of the EU, so definitely not in another universe. Or is it?


4 thoughts on “How to buy a notebook – Malta edition

  1. My apologies for the off-topic comment, but speaking of “wird schon irgendwie gehen”, I remember a story I read somewhere. Back at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, austrians and hungarians were venturing out to the big Ocean to establish commercial connections with Japan. Of course, they had no knowledge of taifuns, and the enormous strength of nature out in the ocean. Their 2 navy vessels were out-dated, slow and vulnerable, and were not really good matches for huge storms. Hungarians, who stepped aboard these vessels, were shocked to see the old “austrian mantras” hanging on the walls of the cabins, like this one “Zusammen durchgebrachte Todesgefahr bringt die Herzen nache zu einander”. Hungarians did not want to suffer, they just thought about having a nice trip to Japan and maybe picking up some japanese girls on route….:) Austrians were so damn serious about the trip and knew it could end up in total disaster. But at the end, it worked out somehow…. A warm welcome to your laptop!


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