Zombie apocalypse or just a blackout?

I’ve read it happens, I’ve heard it happens, but I hadn’t seen it happen before, at least not in Malta: Complete darkness.


Not so inviting, right?

Lurking in the dark

I was on my way home from work, planning to stop by at a supermarket, when suddenly the power went out. The street was dark and the doorways even darker. So even though I don’t believe in werewolves anymore, I would’ve felt more at ease with the street lights on.

When I approached one particular doorways, a man appeared out of nowhere, just standing there like a statue. Of course, I was startled. I think I may have jumped a bit as he apologised when I passed him. In retrospect, he didn’t appear out of nowhere, I just couldn’t see him until I almost bumped into him because he was standing in the shadow.

Field soldiers

After that incident I felt a bit stupid for being so chicken-heartened. I remembered one of my grandmother’s favourite tales from her childhood: She grew up in a tiny village in the countryside and had to walk through the fields to a bigger village and back again for pretty much everything, and often after dark.

It was also the time after second world war, when Russian soldiers were still lurking around and it generally wasn’t safe for women to walk alone. So when she saw little points of light in the middle of the field, she was terrified, thinking they were Russians smoking cigarettes. She continued her way, however, and soon discovered the lights were nothing but fireflies.

Apocalypse is near

So I continued my way to the supermarket, too, thinking of my granny’s story and how safe I was compared to her. People were out, walking around the streets like zombies, mere dark outlines. Voices from somewhere above were cutting through the silence of the dark. Spooky, right?

At first I didn’t know where they came from, but then I realised people were standing by their open windows because the moonlight from outside was the only source of light in their homes, too. 

Warriors need torches

Back in my home, I completely understood them. Apparently I’m not the only one without a torch! Apart from the light from my mobile, everything was dark. Even the fridge! So there was nothing else to do for me but to go to bed. Sometimes a night’s sleep is all you need to solve problems, and it was true for the blackout: when I woke up, electricity was back. Problem solved. But I’m still going to get a torch.

Are you afraid of the dark?


One thought on “Zombie apocalypse or just a blackout?

  1. What a well written but gruel story! I had the same feelings like you during reading this blog. And of course I’m also afraid of the dark. Especially when I’m walking alone. I propose for the future: ” A loaded mobile phone with an installed torch-app and at home a torch with batteries and candles with lights (? Zünder).”


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