Places, pictures, beauty #3


Cotton candy ocean

When walking from Gzira to Sliema the other day I was accompanied by this magical sunset. The pastel coloured sky was reflected by the sea, turning the water the colour of cotton candy. Even when I look at the picture now I want to dive into it.


Will Tarzan jump out of a tree?

Right in the middle of St.Julians, at Balluta Bay, you find this bit of wilderness. Between old and new houses, restaurants and the sea, this broad space covered in green opens up, a trench between rows and rows of buildings.


Spinola Bay

A few minutes away there’s this classic beauty: Spinola Bay. Typical Maltese fishing boats sprinkled across the water in front of the modern apartment blocks of St.Julians make this sight one of the most photographed ones in Malta. When you’re there, you simply can’t help yourself, you just have to snap away.


Another sunset - I can't get enough of them

One of the best places to watch sunsets (apart from just anywhere on this island) is CafĂ© del Mar. When the sun disappears slowly behind what I think is Gozo, you feel like you’re in a Hollywood film where the man of your dreams is about to propose. And in this setting, who wouldn’t say yes?


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