Hashtag Foodporn

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – I don’t know who first said that, but they’re clearly wrong. It’s food.


What once was a delicious curry dish

And my current best friend is Yasai something from Wagamama. As usual, I can’t remember the name, but I do, very clearly, remember its taste. Heavenly.

Wagamama is a Japanese noodle bar and without doubt the best Asian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. And believe me, I’ve been to lots. But never has one come even close to Wagamama.


Wagamama in Malta

Like it is so often with the best things in life, going there was completely spontaneous. We’d had a disgusting wrap from the vending machine at work for lunch, so we were craving “real food” and decided to go to Wagamama. My friend had talked about it before, but I couldn’t quite believe that it was as good as she’d said. 


Leftover wrap from lunch

It definitely is. My yasai katsu curry (got the name from the website), which is fried vegetable buffers, rice and curry sauce, and my apple lemon juice were both exceptional. You wouldn’t have expected it from the juice (green – eeew), but it was delicious. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but that’s what happens when you put amazing food in front of me and expect me to take pictures instead of digging into it.

After the curry, I was way too full for a desert although the chocolate cake sounded tempting. But that’s just another reason to go back to Wagamama soon. And I will. I have to. Yum!

What’s your favourite restaurant?


5 thoughts on “Hashtag Foodporn

  1. I love this blog, your writing style is just “supergeil” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxVcgDMBU94 ü sorry for the old meme) so, if you like japanese food, let me draw your attention to the best japanese ramen in Europe. It’s in Düsseldorf, in the so-called “Little Tokyo” of Europe. The Heaven, where you can actually taste the Music of the Spheres, is called Takumi Ramen. Try it with Alt beer! Matyas


    1. Like I said, I only remember the other restaurant in London where I got a sandwich and found tiny yellow insect eggs (?) on the salad in it. But I remember that one very clearly haha


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