5 signs that it’s autumn in Malta

My blog is called “Off towards the sun”, but I don’t see much of it these days. Autumn has finally arrived in Malta, too.


Cloudy sky in Malta

Until about two weeks ago, it was still summer, with 30℃ and sunshine. I went out in shorts and a tank top and even spent another day at Café del Mar, swimming and lying in the sun with nothing but my bikini. But the weather has changed rapidly since then. Suddenly, signs that it’s indeed autumn are clearly visible:

1. There are little to no tourists.

In summer, tourists are everywhere. Now, you only see them in Valetta and Sliema, but that’s pretty much it. Also, no more language party students. Instead, some pitiable teachers with a horde of ignorant teenagers exchange excusing glances with annoyed culturally interested 50+ couples.

2. Your cats sleep on your pillow.


Sleepy Tycho

With temperatures returning to normal, physical contact is possible again without feeling like you’re in a sauna. As a result, your cats spend the night how they like it best: on your pillow, right next to your head, taking up more and more space until you wake up with your head on the bare mattress.

3. Your loundry stays wet.

When it rains almost daily, it’s really hard to get those T-shirts dry. You put them out to dry on your balcony, and when you return from work, they’re even wetter than before. Of course you could always hang them inside, but patience works just as well. After all, there’ll be one dry day eventually and that’s all you need.

4. The English return to a more natural colour.

We all know the English like to sunbathe until they’re redder than the towel with a Maltese flag they’re lying on. But while it’s still possible to get sunburnt now, temperatures around 20℃ call for sightseeing rather than sunbathing. (No offence, English people! I love you!)

5. You loose track of time.



It grows dark so soon! It feels like it’s 8 or 9, but when you look at your watch, you realise it’s not even 6. Time change only increases that effect. It’s shocking! But it also means that you get to see the sunrise at 6 am while getting ready for work (lucky me: my apartment faces east), so I won’t complain.

Is it autumn in your country yet?


One thought on “5 signs that it’s autumn in Malta

  1. Ansprechend und interessant geschrieben.
    Auch bei uns ist der Herbst eingezogen. Die Tagestemperaturen bewegen sich nicht mehr über die 15 Grad-Grenze und nachts kühlt es schon mächtig ab auf etwa 3 Grad. Der Nebel hält sich morgens beharrlicher und die wenigen Sonnenstrahlen werden schwächer und schwächer. Überall häufen sich Blätterberge in den unterschiedlichsten warmen Herbsttönen. Die Bäume werden kahler. Kontinuierlich werden die Winterjacken, Handschuhe, Hauben und das warme Schuhwerk ausgepackt und es freut einen, die geheizte Wohnung zu betreten.

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