Cool cars #2

It’s time for more photos of all the extraordinary cars I keep seeing here in Malta. To me, the great variety in such a small country is still surprising. There’s almost one car to every citizen who’s of driving age, but that’s still only 325,000 cars (according to HowtoMalta), compared to roughly 840,000 in Vienna. And I’ve definitely never seen a car like this back there:


Not a toy car - Sliema

This car drove by me when I was walking, but luckily (at least for me) the traffic was terrible so I chased it for a few blocks, trying to get close enough to take a proper picture. The guy stopped there, presumably to get some McDonald’s, and I had all the time I wanted to photograph the car. I think it totally looks like a toy car!


Bike or motorbike?

Ok, so technically speaking, this is not a car, but it has wheels, so close enough. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a normal bike, turned into a motorbike? Is this even allowed?


Dr.Juice car in St.Julians

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, it’s one of those tiny one-person mini buses that look kind of ridiculous in my opinion. It has a face. And there’s a gigantic Dr.Juice cup on top. Which all together makes it kind of cute, and makes me want some Dr.Juice-juice. Is that the correct term for juice by Dr.Juice?


Black old timer

Not much to say here. I like old timers, I like black cars, I love this one. And it’s so polished!


It's a Mini - or very close

This car is so tiny! It looks like an old Mini, but it’s not. Really cute, though. And I love the colour!


Golf cart?

No, this is not a golf cart. At least I didn’t take this picture at a golf club (not that posh yet). Just a “normal” car in Malta.


Parking on the sidewalk is perfectly ok

This car was parked on the sidewalk, I’m guessing as some kind of advertisement. It had a number plate, though, so it’s still working. Don’t ask me why the number 5 is painted on the front.

If I could have one of them, I’d definitely go for the first one. Which one would you choose?


5 thoughts on “Cool cars #2

  1. Der Hellblaue denke ich, ist ein Bugatti und die Nummer 5 könnte von einer Oldtimerralley stammen. Mein Favorit ist der 1.Wagen. Der Blauweiße. Ich finde es toll, wie du all diese verrückten Autos abgelichtet hast und daß so viele dort vor Ort zu finden sind.


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