Halloween in Malta


The sky in Malta today

Dark, cold times are coming: it’s almost Halloween. In Malta that means about 20℃, sunshine and quite a bit of wind. But at least it’s dark at night, so I’m almost getting that autumn feeling. Almost.


To give the feeling a leg up, I went to buy my Halloween outfit today together with two friends. As we had no idea what we were looking for or where to get anything halloween-y, we just tried our luck and went to Paceville (proper pronunciation: Patch-a-ville/for Germans: Patschevill). And we were indeed lucky.

Girls love makeup

Between loads of tourist shops, night clubs and takeaways, we made our way from shop to shop, browsing through them quickly and leaving again if they had nothing Halloween related. At a so called bazar (basically a tourist shop selling cheap clothes on top of the usual swimwear, sunscreen and water toys) we finally found what we hadn’t known we wanted: white face makeup, some makeup sticks and the idea to dress as skulls and a devil.

Is it really almost November?

A few shops later, Accessorize supplied us with fake blood and, to live up to its name, accessories. But our outfits weren’t complete until we reached Claire’s, which had finally opened at 11 (Seriously, at 11?). So now we’re ready for Halloween, although in my head, it’s still summer. Let’s hope we manage to do our makeup properly!

What outfit will you wear at Halloween?


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