Streets of Malta: Sliema


Typical Maltese balcony

If you visit Malta as a tourist, you’ll probably take pictures of the beautiful old buildings of Valetta or of the typical Maltese balkonies coloured in the brightest blue, red or yellow. While those parts of Malta are undeniably striking, I believe that you have to explore side streets, hidden passages and places where the Maltese live to fully understand this country’s culture. There’s a certain scruffiness that adds to Malta’s distinctive character.


Sliema - two worlds collide

Sliema, the upbeat, most modern town of Malta, is a place where newly opened shops with their perfect store fronts coalesce with rundown buildings. If you keep your eyes at street level, you see a modern shopping street, but look up and you’ll realise that it’s just a facade.


Traffic signs aren't of much use like that

I’m not sure if this traffic sign fell victim to drunk vandalism or to a crazy driver trying to put an end to all rules of traffic, but it certainly made for an excellent motive. Traffic signs don’t seem to have a long lifespan in Malta.


Huge pile of waste in front of restaurants

In Malta there aren’t any communal bins. Instead, everyone just leaves their bags of waste in front of their building for the garbage truck to collect. No wonder there’s so many cockroaches!


Souvenir shop in Malta's main shopping street

This building is situated directly opposite Zara, believe it or not. The contrast is immense. King’s souvenir shop is quite frequented despite its, let’s say, less than ideal front. Maybe the beauty lies within.

Let me know if you wanna see more of Malta’s shabby chic!


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