Parrot on board


A parrot on the bus - just another normal day in Malta

You know you’re in Malta when a man rides the bus with a carrot parrot on his shoulder.

Which is, apparently, a perfectly acceptable thing to do in Malta, as neither the bus driver nor any of the passengers complained. The bird itself was feeling completely at home, too, climbing up and down its her (her name is Lucy, I learned) owner’s t-shirt, nibbling on its collar and cawing every once in a while.

It’s a bird!

We were on our way back from Café del Mar and kept craning our necks to get a better look on the bird, eyes wide and an excited grin on the face. Every time she made a noise, we answered with delighted ooohs and aaaaws.

Oh my god, I touched it!

Imagine our excitement when the man sat down in front of us! Noticing our stares, he let Lucy climb onto our hands. She climbed up and down our arms and softly nibbled on our fingers. And she had the cutest little tongue. Total ecstasy (the feeling, not the drug)!

Birds need moms, too

The guy (Lucy’s “Mama”, as he put it) bottle-fed her when she was a baby parrot, and now he takes her with him everywhere he goes. He even fed her nuts out of his mouth! Just like an actual bird mom!

Completely out of context, but I wanna share this with you because it’s important to me: Off towards the sun got listed on Google!

(For those of you who have no clue about how Google actually works (like me before I started my blog): Just because your website is online doesn’t mean Google knows it exists.)


2 thoughts on “Parrot on board

    1. Das sehe ich an der Statistik, die mir Anzeigt, dass Leute über Google auf meine Seite gekommen sind, und außerdem hab ich den Blog selbst gegoogelt. Bei “offtowardsthesun” ist er sogar auf Seite 1, und bei “off towards the sun” auf Seite 3 (glaub ich).


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