Winter season at Café del Mar


It’s mid-October – days are getting shorter, nights chillier and the sun is slowly losing its power. What I’m talking about isn’t the cold, rainy and foggy version of autumn you get in Austria, though. Here, autumn means the country and climate is even more pleasant, with less tourists and temperatures that don’t make even tank tops feel like winter jackets. In the sun, it’s still about 30℃, and the “chilly” evenings and nights call for nothing but a light cardigan. The perfect Sunday program for this time of the year: swimming.

Of course, you could always just hop into the sea, swim for a while and go home again, but the even better option is Café del Mar in Bugibba. It’s a beautiful, well kept pool facility directly at the seafront, overlooking the ocean, and a must-see if you ever go to Malta.


I went there with two friends of mine who I met at work. After a not-so-short bus ride (Malta’s tiny – how can it take so long to get around?), we arrived at Café del Mar. And now comes the best part: the entrance was free! Apparently, winter season (30℃ – I feel like it’s Christmas already) has started, so a lot gets cheaper. Or even free!

The only condition was to consume something at the restaurant, which we wanted to do anyway. Yes, that’s right. There’s a real restaurant, not one of those pool kiosks selling pizza and ice cream. And a noble one, too, with loads of upper class looking families enjoying Sunday lunch there.


The food was absolutely delicious. I had Tagliatelle Bolognese and a chocolate mousse cake thingy as dessert, which were both heavenly. Surprisingly, the prices were okay, too, 16€ for main dish, dessert and a soft drink, and use of the pool facility came with it for free on top of that, so I’d call it a bargain. 


The pool itself was clean, beautifully laid out, but a bit cool, especially in the afternoon when it wasn’t as hot anymore. The amazing view of sailing boats, a huge ferry disappearing slowly behind the horizon and what we think was Comino and Gozo made up for the water temperature a hundred times, though.


We left at around six, but only after  enjoying another one of Malta’s spectacular sunsets, which completed this perfect Sunday afternoon.

How did you spend your Sunday?


5 thoughts on “Winter season at Café del Mar

  1. War am Sonntag in Granada. Es schüttete in Strömen bei meinem Spaziergang durch die Innenstadt. Ich war aber wetterfest gekleidet. Nach einer Stärkung ging es weiter zur weltberühmten Alhambra, die sich ja gleich bei Granada befindet. Wie auf Kommando, riss der Himmel auf und die Sonne begleitete mich während der gesamten wunderschönen Besichtigungstour. Danach ging es zurück nach Torremolinos, wo ich die Zeit bis zum Sonnenuntergang für einen abschließenden Spaziergang nützte.


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