Places, pictures, beauty #2


That’s a place I fell in love with instantly. It’s an artificial pond in Marsascala, a village at the east coast of Malta. When I went there on a Sunday afternoon, the whole place was quiet, with only a few people eating and drinking in the restaurants and a couple of kids playing at a nearby playground. The pond houses lots of water birds which aren’t shy like you’d suspect. They simply ignore the odd human spectators, even if they happen to be kids buzzing around and trying to touch them through the fence. To me, places like that are an almost perfect symbiosis of nature and human settlements.


No, I didn’t choose this picture because of the beautiful (hah!) road or kiosk. But you can’t really see them, anyway. Just let this amazing sunset sink in. I love how the purple clouds seem to dive into the glowing horizon, and the palm tree makes me feel like I’m looking at the picture of a tropical island (which is almost the case). Every girl loves sunsets, and here in Malta I get to see lots of them, all different but striking in their own way.


After all this fluff, here’s a creepy one. I found this place in Valetta, directly at the seafront. It was a standalone, older building open at both sides for the light to stream through the great hall inside. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but it reminds me of horror movies (which I don’t watch). My guess is it’s some kind of slaughter house, but whatever it is they do inside, I don’t wanna know.


Unbelievably, I took this picture only a few steps away from the last one. That’s one cool thing about tiny islands: wherever you go, no matter how horrible the place may be, the sea is always close. And with it, views like this.


Another bit of nature in the middle of a rural area. The ranks look as if they’re planning to crawl further and further up the walls of the villa until they’ve consumed it entirely. What you can’t see in the picture is the huge and crazily busy road right next to this green oasis, making stumbling upon that sight after crossing the road a pleasant suprise.

Let me know what you think of those places! Which one do you like best?


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