This week, I started my first ever real job. After 5 days, I’m happy to say I love it. It’s just the right thing for me at the moment. Yes, I’m absolutely serious, I’m one of those weirdos who enjoy their job!

What’s to expect?

When I got there on Monday, my feelings ranged from excited to anxious and I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I’d been to the office before so at least I knew what to wear. I never know how to dress right so getting a glance at the others was a big relief. Apart from that, there was nothing but question marks in my head. Would I understand everything quickly enough? Would my boss be nice? Would my colleagues be about my age? Would I make a fool of myself somehow? Would I be allowed to eat chocolate while working?

The people

As always, none of my worries were necessary. Every single person I’ve met at the office so far was friendly, kind and eager to help. My boss, who also trained me, has made me feel welcome and respected since the first second. Another girl started the same day as I did and we get along well, too, laughing about the weird stuff we encounter in our jobs ever so often and getting to know each other during breaks.

Starting productivity

The work itself is interesting, challenging, but not hard to get a hang on, so after a few theoretical instructions I could already do a lot of actual work on my own, which I hope I didn’t screw up. Most importantly, there are vending machines with ridiculously cheap chocolate bars and hot chocolate (and the “real” food is cheap as well)! So far, I like every aspect of my job.

The name business

Well, except for the part where I have to remember my coworkers’ names. The fact that they’re multinational doesn’t make it any easier – try to remember names you’ve never heard before and can’t even pronounce properly! Who invented the concept of names, anyway? But I’ll get to know everyone eventually, and in the meantime, they won’t kill me for not knowing, right? 


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