Cool cars #1

Here in Malta, one thing you’ll quickly realise is that cars are different. And I’m not only talking about the layer of dust on most of them. There’s a variety that I didn’t see in Austria. Maybe that’s because I didn’t look properly back there, but here I do, so I decided to make a new type of posts about all those cool cars!


It’s a Ferrari! That’s a valid excuse for accelerating like a formula one car in the middle of the night…


Umm…. This isn’t 😉 But I doubt you could, anyway.


Is this a toy car that was watered too much and got way to big? Or Volkswagen’s attempt to be hipster? I like it.


I love oldtimers! And it’s white, too! 


That one could be part of Cars 3! Forget Lightning McQueen, this is so much cuter and the extra wheel looks like a nose! Don’t get me started on the cute headlights…

Let me know which one you like best!


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