Bad job, guys


Some “people” just deserve to be fired! Like seriously, you had one job and screwed up! You’re sacked! Go away! 

So why’s the people in apostrophes? Don’t worry, I don’t have any employees to fire (or keep). I’m talking about these two:


Not people, but "people" 😉 Do I qualify as a crazy cat lady yet?

You may have noticed from my other posts that Malta’s fauna includes more animals than just cats. There are chameleons, ferrets, geckos… and cockroaches. If you’re squeamish or just don’t like insects (I can’t blame you for that), don’t look at the next picture.


Well, that’s what I discovered on my kitchen floor when I came home the other day. Since cockroaches don’t drop dead in the middle of rooms (I think), I’m assuming my cats killed it. Which brings me back to the start: keeping the apartment roach-free is their only job. So why didn’t they eat it? I’d rather have alive roaches behind the kitchen counter or wherever they come from (I have absolutely no clue) than dead ones, slowly torn apart by tiny ants, in the middle of my kitchen. That’s just eew…


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