That blue-greenish stuff


In a country where it’s incredibly hot and incredibly dry, the sudden sight of water can come as quite a surprise. Here are my top 5:


5. Water dripping out of the gutter every now and then. Where does it come from? Is it pee?


4. A wet section of the sidewalk. Did a tiny cloud just happen to rain in that particular spot? Am I in a comic? No, people scrub their sidewalks with soapy water in Malta. Really tidy!


3. Water hitting you on the head on the street. Ew, did someone just spit on me? Don’t worry, someone just watered their flowers and apparently managed to flood their entire balcony.


2. Water dripping down on you inside the bus. Just to remind you: the roof doesn’t leak, it’s not raining. Where the hell does it come from?


1. Rain. Oh my god, it rained today! And oh my god, everything dries so quickly! And oh my god, it’s not even cold! This climate is truly amazing! Ok, you’ve got me. I only wrote this post to let you know that it rained today. But it is quite exciting once you’ve accustomed to the constant sunny heat of Malta!



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