1 CV, 1 interview, 1 job

Well, that went smoothly! This week, I had the first job interview in my life. Actually no, it was the second, but the first didn’t feel real as I basically had the job secured beforehand, so it was my first proper one.

How to get an interview

Since one can’t live on just the warm summer air of Malta (I need chocolate! Lots of chocolate!), I decided to get a job until my own business is up and running. There are loads of online-companies looking for native Germans in Malta, so that’s where I started my job search. I quickly found an ad that seemed like the perfect fit for me, so I tailored my CV and covering letter to suit this specific job offer (yes, I sometimes do what others, in this case the internet, tell me) and sent it to the company. Turns out I have lots of experience in customer support, who would’ve guessed? It’s just a question of using the right words 😉

It’s all about preparation

About one hour later I received a call from a German lady and was invited to a job interview on the following day. Completely baffled by the quick reply, I frantically researched the internet for job interview tips. A short collection of my thoughts:

What on earth is business casual?

This “perfect answer to that tricky question” is plain boring. I’m definitely not gonna say that.

Am I supposed to learn my answers by heart?

If they ask all these questions, the interview’s gonna take ages!

Is my handshake limp? 

Why would anyone not turn their phone off?

Seriously, they still have to tell people to arrive on time?

Why would being over-qualified be a problem? Never mind, I’m not.

Haha, those google interviews sound fun. I’d love questions like that! Just not in my job interview…

Smile? I smile all the time, not sure if that’s gonna help, though…

I definitely won’t practice walking into a room.

I’m just gonna improvise.

How to get a job

The next day, I arrived at the company 20 minutes early. Yep, like I said in About me, I’m always early. I walked straight to the bathroom to change my shirt and shoes and to refresh myself (why does my hair always get messy?). When I came out again, I was greeted by my interviewer (Yay, she looked nice).

Apparently the interview went really well as I was offered the job immediately at the end of it. Vamos! (I still prefer Federer, though!) I’m starting on Monday and I actually can’t wait for it! I love working, the job sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to the new challenge. Call me crazy, but it’s the truth.


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