Exotic encounters

Do you know that moment when you’re peacefully walking down the street, thinking about nothing in particular, and then something extraordinary catches your eye? You know, when you just can’t stop staring at it repeatedly?

That’s exactly what happened to me today. You’ll never guess what I saw: a chameleon! Or at least that’s what I think it was, but I’m far from being an expert, so correct me if I’m wrong. It was patiently sitting on a man’s hand, hardly moving, so I had to look a few times to make sure that it was in fact a real one and not just some fancy accessory. Admittedly, I continued looking even after I was sure, and eventually I asked the guy about it. He told me he had found it there, at Golden Bay. What? Why was there a chameleon chilling at the beach?


This event reminded me of a similar moment a few days ago when I saw a woman with an albino ferret. On a leash. In the middle of Sliema. Again, just what? Who would think of getting a pet ferret? Do some people just wake up one day and decide that dogs are far too mainstream?

I still prefer my crazy kitties, and you? Let me know about the most unusual pets you’ve seen (or owned)!


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