Charon the killer

If Frank Stronach had won the elections, would Charon be executed? I certainly wouldn’t turn him in, but if his killing spree continues, word might spread. Luckily Stronach’s out of the picture by now, so no need to worry.

Kills: 1

Over the last 3 days, Charon has killed just as many innocent insects. Everything began when a fat fly somehow made its way into my apartment. It probably got in through the gap between the window frame and the cat net, but intruding my cats’ territory didn’t end well (at least for the fly).

As soon as Charon heard its distinctive humming, his inner jaguar was awoken (sometimes I wonder if he’s really just a jaguar reluctant to grow). After a few jumps and some well aimed blows his pray was lying on the ground, not moving.

Tycho, being more of a player, disappointedly tapped the dead animal twice and then quickly lost interest. He would have preferred keeping the fly alive as a fun toy, but Charon doesn’t believe in playing. To him, every object (moving or not) is either food or not interesting. So guess what happened next: the fly turned out to be a welcome snack for the hungry cat. (He hadn’t eaten for about two hours straight!)

Kills: 2

The second murder took place the next day, and again it was a poor fly that had to face its end. This time, however, Tycho ensured he got some playing time (not much fun in it for the fly, though) before he let Charon do his work and eat his victim.

Kills: 3

Charon’s killing count was set to 3 last night when I woke up only to find both of my cats excitedly fumbling with a suspicious object on the floor. I looked at it closely (picture me kneeling on the floor, my face 20 centimeters away from it – without my contacts I’m kind of blind) and quickly identified it as half a cockroach, the bottom half apparently bitten of. (Eew!) At least I could be sure that it wasn’t going to move, so I threw it away.

I can only guess which of my cats is responsible for this murder, but I definitely blame Charon. Tycho doesn’t seem capable of actually killing something, despite being a good hunter, so that makes 3 kills on Charon’s list. One question remains, though: is it just a phase or the start of a great career? 😉

What’s your cats’ killing count?


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