Of buses, stuck buses and no buses

Busses are great. Cars are great. Nice single-lane streets alongside the sea are great. A combination of those, however, isn’t. 

Today, as I was trying to get from Sliema to St. Julians (about 10 minutes by bus, I’d say), the bus I was on suddenly had to stop. It was stuck in a traffic jam that had appeared out of nowhere. Nothing was moving and what was worse: not even the bus driver knew what was going on. Traffic jams are never nice, but if you know the cause, you at least have a feeling of how long it’s going to last. But if not, all you can do is hope it’ll dissolve quickly.

As I had somewhere to be I got off the bus after a few minutes and decided to walk instead. (I prepared myself for a half hour powerwalk in the heat – yay!) A bit further down the street I could then make out the end of the jam – at least in one direction. In the other lane, an equally long line mainly consisting of busses had built up in the opposite direction. And finally, I saw the cause of the delay: a single car had come to a halt in the middle of the street, blocking both lanes. Apparently, there had been an accident (the second one I’ve witnessed so far – and I’ve only been here for 10 days).

Luckily, there was a bus waiting at the first stop after the jam so I didn’t have to walk all the way. What happened to those who arrived at the stop after the bus had left and those patiently waiting in the middle of the traffic jam, I don’t know. At least everything was back to normal when I rode the bus back. I have the feeling that this won’t be the last time I see an accident here, though…


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