Places, pictures, beauty #1

I don’t know if any of you have been to Malta before, but believe me when I tell you that it’s definitely worth a visit! As I currently have the pleasure of being in such an amazing place permanently, I’m going to show you some of its unique  beauty.


This is a little square close to my apartment which I found while walking around with my mom. It’s surrounded by those nice little town houses that are so typical for Malta, and I just love the tiny park (if you can call it that) in the middle. I can almost picture myself sitting there when I’m old, chatting away with a good friend, enjoying a sunny afternoon. 


This picture doesn’t even convey half of that place’s atmosphere. Imagine you’re standing at the pier,  a warm breeze blowing through your hair, the busy street’s distant humming mixing with people’s happy chatter, soft waves clashing against the boats. That’s when this beautiful view of Valetta unfolds before your eyes, its lights reflected on the sea’s surface. Just perfect, isn’t it?



This is a different face of Malta. The sun is burning on your back, the combination of fumes, dust and heat forms a subtle but characteristic stench that’s always in the air when you’re walking on the streets. Worn facades, wall to wall with clean new buildings, lovely kept town houses which are freshly painted and decorated with flowers to hide their age and lots of construction sites where tired workers are sweating in the heat: this variety is what I appreciate so much about Malta. It’s imperfect, it’s constantly changing, growing and developing. Still, its unique culture is conserved in its old buildings so you sometimes feel like you’ve traveled back in time a few decades.


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