This week was obviously all about the big move to Malta. After what was thankfully a good night’s sleep I set off to Malta on Wednesday.

Of course I took my two cats with me so my mom accompanied me as there’s only one cat per person allowed on the plane. That way I also had someone to share my excitement with so I’m really glad she came along.

Not just another flight

The flight was perfectly quiet without any screaming children or turbulences which meant less stress for Charon and Tycho. They really hated it though and I was glad when we landed. At the airport we were met by a vet who checked the cats’ passports. Then we could finally get a taxi to the apartment.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when we left the airport with all our luggage and the cats. Although I had checked the import regulations again and again and I am neither scared of flying nor a very nervous person, I was anxious that something would go wrong after all. But who wouldn’t be, right?

Short stop

Before we arrived at the apartment I had to stop by at the real estate agency to charge my key card which can only be charged for a one month period in advance. (Yes, I have a key card like you would find in a hotel – never heard of places like that in Austria, but Malta is different) Then, after roughly six hours of traveling, we arrived at my new home.

My place

The house is in a busy street in Gzira which is a 15 minute walk or 5 minutes by bus from the economical centre of Malta, Sliema. There’s a bus stop literally in front of the house (people waiting for the bus sometimes sit down at the doorstep), and loads of small(-ish) shops close by.

My apartment is on the third floor. It has a combined kitchen and living room (no hall of any kind – you open the door to be standing in the kitchen), a bedroom with a balcony facing the street and a bathroom so it’s quite small but ok for one person.

Settling in

We then had lunch, bought water and a few things for the cats and went to a large supermarket to get cleaning equipment as the apartment was covered in dust. This dust seems to be a part of Malta – you’re covered in it as well after a day outside. In the evening, we were glad to be able to shower and then fall into bed.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent dusting, wiping and purchasing this and that. We installed a cat net using tape, bought a new showerhead and discovered that there’s a little shop for everything you can think of somewhere around the corner.

Tycho and Charon adjusted to the new temperature and environment fairly quickly and have already inspected every part of our new home. You’ll never guess where Charon’s favourite spot is: on top of the fridge. As long as it’s not in the fridge, that’s fine by me.

Holiday feelings

Today we decided to spend the day like one would expect us to in such a beautiful, hot place: at a pool. However, we didn’t have any idea where to go so we wandered around for some time until we found a nice pool with enough shade to spend the day. There we were finally able to enjoy the benefits of 30+°.

Let me know about your most memorable flight experiences!


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