Today’s my last day in Vienna. Tomorrow I’m moving to Malta.

Today is also the day I decided to write the first entry to my blog. In between finishing packing, planning the last bits and cleaning my apartment in Vienna, I thought it would be the perfect time to write this post. Well, who doesn’t get bored when cleaning their entire apartment all at once?

I also hope that writing this will lower my excitement to a tolerable level. Time goes by rapidly and at the same time it doesn’t seem to pass at all. One moment I can’t wait for tomorrow, but then I think of everything I need to get done in just a few hours and I start to panic. I’m not a very panicky person so that’s probably too strong a word to use, but compared to my normal emotional state it comes quite close.

During my last week in Vienna I tried to see everybody one last time before the big move. I don’t think I’ve ever met so many different people in such a short time span. Lots of them kept telling me to throw a party, but I thought it would be nicer to meet in small groups. That way, I could say goodbye properly (I hope – not very good at that).

I also started packing about a week ago as my parents warned me that the big day would come sooner than expected. They were completely right so I’m glad I listened to them. Surprisingly, all my clothes and shoes fit into the suitcase. Originally I wanted to send my belongings to Malta via post but I won’t have to risk that now. As it turns out, summer/autumn clothes don’t take up much space at all and shoes can be squished together to fit into my hand luggage. I’m not taking all of my shoes with me though. I had to leave all my high heels behind except for one pair which will have to do for the beginning. After all, if you’re starting a new chapter in your life, your shoes shouldn’t be the hardest thing to leave behind, right?

My cats have been extra cuddly these days so I guess they’re sensing that something’s about to happen. They’re coming with me, of course. That way I’ll always have someone to talk to even though I don’t know anyone in Malta so far. (Just kidding – I’m not a crazy cat lady yet 😉 ) Charon has found a new favourite sleeping spot: my open suitcase. He just loves to decorate my stuff with his nice black hair… Tycho still prefers the couch which is of the same grey as his fur. Maybe that’s the reason why he likes it so much, who knows? Anyways, both of them seem to be a bit excited, too.

I for my part only hope everything goes well tomorrow and why shouldn’t it? So I just keep telling myself not to worry too much. After all, worrying won’t help me if something doesn’t work out as planned. If there’s a problem, I’ll have to deal with it anyway. So, fingers crossed…


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